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For those that want an easy way to play all the music available on UnExoticA, all you have to do is download this Zip archive and keep it somewhere safe until you've followed these simple instructions: -


  Check you have the latest version of DeliPlayer installed (currently v2.50 beta 1). To check the version whilst DeliPlayer is running, click the right mouse on the tray icon and select Help then About & Links.  You should see the following: -

  If your version is not 2.50 then you need to install the latest version.


  Once you have the latest version installed, you now need to sort the players out, so make sure DeliPlayer isn't running before carrying out the rest of these instructions.


  Typically, DeliPlayer will be installed on the C: drive where all your other programs are installed. Open Windows Explorer and browse to...

C:\Program Files\DeliPlayer2

You should see something similar to this: -




You now need to delete both the AmigaPlayers and players folders as highlighted below: -



  Now you need to extract the Zip archive you downloaded earlier into the DeliPlayer2 folder. If done correctly, you should now see both the AmigaPlayers and players folders again.



Load up DeliPlayer and you should now be able to play practically all the formats available on UnExoticA.